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Mystery Pic #015

Mystery Pic #015

As ever, guess the film from the still, and place your answer in the comments below :)


Some interesting guesses, but none got it right – it’s Road House.

Road House title screen

A Week In Film #017: I remember it being better

Road House title screen

Road House
“Pain don’t hurt!” Swayze’s finest hour, as a warrior-philosopher in the guise of a small town bouncer.

The Sicilian title screen

The Sicilian
Seriously, I’d convinced myself in my head that this was good. It’s not. Christopher Lambert stinks, and none of Puzo’s Godfather characters are allowed to be used for copyright reasons! The sequence in Palermo with the Italian commandos closing in – the walls shaking, the water in the glass etc – is well-realised though.

Coogan's Bluff title screen

Coogan’s Bluff
I remembered this more fondly than I should have as well. Eastwood and Siegel prefigure Dirty Harry (and Dennis Weaver’s McCloud) with a corner-cutting Arizona sheriff’s deputy out of his natural environment whilst in New York on an extradition mission. The hippie stuff is fun, and the pool room fight is memorable.

Vamp title scren

Frat pledges on a quest to hire a stripper end up in a titty bar run by vampires (including mute ancient Egyptian deity Grace Jones!); some boring dialogue, yet witty, well-shot and seemingly a major inspiration for From Dusk Till Dawn and some of the last act of Shaun Of The Dead. Written and directed by Richard Wenk, who hasn’t really done that much, though he did do the screenplay for the Mos Def/Bruce Willis/David Morse thriller, 16 Blocks.

NTBCW #002: Cheryl Baker – from Buck’s Fizz to Yippee Ki Yay, Motherfucker

Cheryl Baker from Buck's Fizz

This is Cheryl Baker from early eighties Eurovision-winning pop group Buck’s Fizz, who subsequently presented her own Saturday morning kids’ cookery programme, Eggs ‘N’ Baker before joining the Record Breakers team.

NTBCW#002: Cheryl Baker in Road House

This is Cheryl Baker from late eighties Patrick Swayze vehicle Road House, in which her husband (pictured centre) offers a grope of her chest to any man for $20. If you missed her performance as ‘Well-Endowed Wife’, perhaps you recall her in Die Hard, where as the more simply named ‘Woman’ she was dragged from her half-dressed office party tryst with a co-worker by sleek-haired European terrorists (see below).

NTBCW #002: Cheryl Baker in Die Hard

I understand that she has also had roles in Steve Martin’s LA Story (Changing Room Woman) and Lethal Weapon (Girl In Shower #1). If I can track these down, I shall add them here.