Eclectic Kettle (10th March) post-match analysis

Last weekend Team Coolest stormed the citadel that is Attic in Bristol for the totally spiffing night Eclectic Kettle, which is run by those equally spiffing chaps at WoBcast.

Another memorable night, both in terms of the fine, fine music (though I’m feeling green thinking about Modern Romance right now), and of how not to run a bar 😉 Some top mad deejay sklliz from residents Juxtaposeur, andrewherring and DJ Lumpy, and guest DJ Bloodworth from top Bristol ska hop band Babyhead added a dubbier dimension than normal.

Meanwhile the night’s other platter-player, Tim BearCub aka DJ No No, has recreated his ace set for his latest Radio Clash podcast!

You can also check Tim’s pics of the night at his Flickr page.

And for those who didn’t get down, or didn’t get down early enough (or just plain lost/forgot/ate it), you can now download the Eclectic Kettle CD given away to early doors punters from here.

It’s a fine collection of some of the best tunes played over the last year on WoBcast to celebrate its first birthday, including tracks by TCRE favourites like DJ Schmolli, Kid Carpet and The Fall.

So, all in all, a great time was had by all, etcizzle.

Here’s to the next one!

Eclectic Kettle/WoBcast CD cover

WoBcast homepage
Eclectic Kettle on MySpace
CoolestWiki on WoBcast (includes tracklistings for all their shows)
Radio Clash homepage
Babyhead homepage


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