‘Gas Pump Girls’

Gas Pump GirlsI know it’s probably wrong on many levels, but I rather enjoyed watching Gas Pump Girls.

Plotwise, we have a bunch of rosy-cheeked American gals graduating from high school. One
of them, June, decides to look after her uncle’s service station when he gets ill, and she ropes in her four best pals, plus three geeky lads and a trio of T-Bird rejects. Along the way they come into conflict with neighbouring Mob-affiliated garage owner Mr Friendly, teach an oil magnate that capitalism needs to care about the small people too, and learn a whole stack of Sesame Street-style lessons in life, albeit ones that do seem to involve baring one’s bosom an awful lot.

It’s a kind of blend of Grease, Porky’s and Car Wash, except that despite the shameless “o noez her boobs iz xposed!!!” moments, it’s all rather sweet and that. I mean, reinforcing gender stereotypes notwithstanding 😉

But at the same time, the women are centrestage throughout, it’s the women who come up with all the ideas, and the women who run the show.
It certainly feels less sleazy than the likes of American Pie.

Plus Tarantino clearly stole the K-Billy radio schtick from Cousin Brucie Morrow here 😀


4 responses to “‘Gas Pump Girls’

  1. WTF?! “Gas Pump Girls” seems to be the search engine term that’s drawing the most randoms in at the moment… Any of you GPG people like to enlighten me on the sudden interest? Or has there long existed some kind of underground Gas Club?

  2. I don’t know how I got to this random post about the Gas Pump Girls movie, but what’s even weirder is that I’ve actually seen parts of this movie!!!!

  3. professormortis

    I think it’s because it’s available to view for free on Hulu? I know that’s how I found it.

    Nice review, btb.

  4. Cheers – when I first wrote this there were some really handy streaming sites hosting all manner of movies, from minor classics to video nasties to memorable drek like this. A shame they were taken down because they were an excellent resource if you were ever at a loss what to watch!

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