Swear in Polish!

Traditional Polish costume

Well, not just swearing, obviously… There’s a few other handy phrases too. But swearing’s cool. You can’t really go wrong with a good “Fuck off!”, can you?

“Spier dalaj! (Fuck off!) (.wav)
Basic Polish phrases on Anglik.net
Basic Polish language course (WikiBook)
Polish Wiktionary


9 responses to “Swear in Polish!

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  2. andrew green

    My mom used to use the pharse
    Psha cref chloera
    and i could never get anyone to tell me why it was so bad
    Can you enlighten me
    Thank you

  3. Because it’s means she is going to rape you when you’re older.

  4. No it doesnt

  5. szach cref cholera means “dog’s blood cholera” I think that dog’s blood may refer to bitch in heat, but know this swear is used to curse someone you really hate. Can anyone give the correct spelling in Polish?

  6. There’s polish spelling – PSIA KREW CHOLERA

  7. I’ve never known a language that gets as creative with bad language – Polish certainly leads the way! There’s a rather unorthodox Polish language lesson in such things on KrakówPolska:

  8. Ha, great stuff! Cheers 🙂

    I’m starting Polski lessons next week, I shall impress teacher with my knowledge of pierdolić 😉

  9. Impress your teacher? If they’re female and over 40, you’ll probably kill her! 🙂

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