Top Bristol daubiture!

The War On Terravision

Andrewherring has flagged up the shiny new website of Bristolian inksmith Sepr, the chap who knocks up the sterling Eclectic Kettle posters.

On the site there’s photies of Sepr’s graffiti, tattoos, murals, flyers and much more besides… Definitely worth a click or two!

Sepr’s just one of the people who’s been brightening up BS2 as part of the People’s Republic Of Stokes Croft project, which has seen (the original, meatspace) Turbo Island given a spruce up, as well as the hoardings outside the Jamaica Street hostel being turned into an al fresco art gallery, and the street bins around the area being sprayed a very fetching shade of yellow.

It’s a refreshing counterpoint to the council’s wholesale bending over for big business and its city centre carve-up, aka ‘Bristol Alliance‘/Broadmead expansion/Cabot Circus

PRSC believes that the only way forward is to do things ourselves, without top-down planning.No work must damage the essential fabric of any of the property involved. We are sure that we can work to gain permissions where possible for improvement works, but reserve the right to direct action where normal rights are deemed to have been been abrogated by either the owners of properties through neglect, lack of concern or through self-interest. It is the belief of PRSC that local government has lost the right to determine, from its lofty heights, the future of our area, after decades of lack of interest and lack of service. We welcome the support of government agency, but this support will have to meet our terms, as decided by ourselves through public debate…

PRSC declares Turbo Island 'Bristol's Cultural Quarter'

Sepr’s website
People’s Republic Of Stokes Croft website


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