Zenith Phase 3 scorecard!

Zenith gets antsy

One for teh fanboys & grrrls…

2000A.D.’s Zenith series was split into 4 main segments, Phase One through Four. During the epic third Phase, Zenith and his cast joined an array of other heroes from across the multiverse in a fight against the deadly Lliogor, who were terrorising some of the alternate Earths in the multiverse in host bodies stolen from other superheroes. Zenith Phase Three is a delight for fans of British superheroes, as there are dozens of them dotted around throughout the story, both as themselves (when copyright problems didn’t get in the way) and under pseudonyms (when they did). Some of these characters are readily identifiable, but other are not. What we need is a scorecard!

International Hero’s Zenith scorecard page


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