Car bomb diggity

Lebanon car bomb
Car bomb explosion, Beirut, Lebanon, 14/2/05 (Mohamed Azakir, Reuters)

The car bomb seems such a weapon of the moment that who even knew it had an 80 year-long, tortured history. But Mike Davis, whose most recent projects include the only significant book on the Avian flu, The Monster at Our Door, and Planet of Slums, a startling analysis of the way significant parts of our planet have been rapidly urbanizing and de-industrializing all at once, almost invariably produces the unexpected. This week, Tomdispatch offers his two-part history of the car bomb, a series that puts one of the more terrifying phenomena of our moment into a new perspective and shines a dazzling light into any number of dark corners of our recent past.

An interesting read by the look of it, I’ll be poring over this in more detail once I’ve had a bit of shuteye.

‘History Of The Car Bomb’ on Global Research


Whilst watching the documentary ‘Back To Beirut‘, about former hostage Brian Keenan’s return to Beirut, I realised that the above photograph is from the scene of the 2005 car bomb attack that targeted former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri, which also achieved the slaughter of twenty more, with many scores more injured.


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