Bristol: “Almost as good as Reading”

…Err, cheers!

England’s cities are growing but at two different rates, according to a new report published today (Monday) by the Centre for Cities at ippr. The report includes a new index of performance indicators which combine different measures of employment, population and skills.The report shows that, based on their employment, population growth and skills, England’s top five performing cities are:

* Reading
* Bristol
* Southampton
* Cambridge
* York

So claims *coff* ‘progressive think tank’ the Institute for Public Policy Research in a press release about a report, Two-Track Cities, published by the Centre for Cities, “an independent urban research unit, currently based at IPPR”.

The gist of this astonishingly original report is that

…UK cities face a number of significant challenges in the years ahead. We have ‘two-track’ cities – those that have experienced success and renaissance in recent years, and those that have not. All cities still face the challenge of sharing opportunity and have concentrations of deprivation and worklessness. Those cities that have experienced high levels of economic growth face a number of challenges relating to sustaining growth such as congestion and environmental degradation.


I saw this yesterday morning and bookmarked it, but forgot to post it up. I guess it was one of those slow new days at the Beeb, because basically it’s just a policy think tank’s meejah-friendly press release. As far as the BBC is concerned, though, it’s the sort of talking point soft news wet dream it loves the most – the kind that says something (or nothing) about every redneck backwater of the good ol’ Yookay, meaning the (non) story can slightly rewritten and wheeled out across every regional page of… Not that you’d ever think the BBC was short of big, important, socially relevant stories to write about – certainly not here in Bristol, where its hardboiled, All The Presidents’ Men-style investigative report entitled Parking rules ‘ignored’ in street ruled the BBC News Bristol homepage for several hours this morning…

Vehicles are being parked on double yellow lines in a Bristol street for hours on end with apparent impunity, local residents say.

…wardens are rarely seen, one resident said.

No one from Bristol City Council was available for comment.

One person who works in the area said she had not seen a warden for weeks…

A spokesman for Bristol Parking Services said: “Vehicles are only allowed to stop there while loading. I haven’t got a clue what’s going on there.

Bristol – truly a wonderful place. Just not as wonderful as Reading.


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