Dream #001

Last week I had the night terrors.

This one was set in a WW1 Western Front trench. It was a crook-legged trench, I think it was three sided, facing in towards an enclosed space.

I felt my stomach churn. We (there were a lot of us in the trench, though I didn’t recognise anyone else) were waiting to go over the top. It was daytime, or at least, it certainly seemed very light.

But it wasn’t actually a trench, it was  scaffolding, and exposed, and the view was down not up; the moment of going over the top was more about all leaning up and over the top bar of the sacffolding at the same moment.

The dream seemed to end there – I woke up with a real fear, proper empty lungs, gasping-for-air, sitting bolt upright.


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