The damaging conversion of St. Paul’s?

SPUNC plan

Inner city revamp plan launched

A plan to regenerate an inner city area of Bristol is being launched on Friday.

The St Pauls Neighbourhood Plan has been developed over the last four years through the St Pauls Unlimited Community Partnership.

Proposals include boosting businesses on Stokes Croft, new traffic routes and enhancing the local streets.

The development of sites such as Dove Lane and Westmoreland House will also be guided by the plan, which aims to create new employment in the area.

Other objectives include improving access to skills and housing, providing out of school study support, creating a youth centre and tackling the impact of drug dealing and drug use.

A programme of public art in key locations throughout the area is also proposed.

Maryanne Kempf, chair of the St Pauls Unlimited Community Partnership, said: “The plan is a major achievement for us all.

“The recommendations set out clear priorities and are well-researched. It is a serious attempt to create a better future for our children and their children.”

St Pauls is one of Bristol’s most economically deprived communities, she added.

BBC News report


Or, the shorter version:

“Local quango SPUnC Partnership bigs itself up for coming up with a plan, none of which will be binding on enclosers, profiteers, yuppifiers or idiot politicocrats”?

At first glance there’s some interesting ideas in there, but also some thoroughly regressive ones. I shall give it a proper read before I get too cranky though 😉

Oh, for more of a taste of SPUnC, check out the promo video:

SPUnC Partnership Neighbourhood Plan

I’m still having trouble believing my local rep really is conspiracy theorist, Shayler-sucker, and all-round mentalist Tony Gosling!


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