The super, soaraway, “family friendly”, thoroughly unenclosed Ashton Court Festival…

The Bristol Community Festival Orange Ashton Court Festival Ashton Court Festival is tomorrow and Sunday.

This formerly free/donations-only event shall set you back >£12/adults, >£6/young’uns, or free for under-10s, per day. And no, that doesn’t include your bus fare there (the Spenshun Bridge being closed), or car parking. And no, you can’t bring your own cans in. And the Avin It Somewhere Constantly filth shall be in attendance demanding the right to search everyone entering the site (now ‘protected’ with an 11′ high fence) for drugs, booze and anything else they take a dislike to.

But, remember: “You have no right to complain because it’s still like sooo cool and other places don’t have stuff like this/It’s still like rilly rilly cheap/It’s sooo typical of Bristol people to moan/It’s to, y’know, ensure the future of the festival, and like, there’s too many of them, y’know, uncouth rowdy youths around/It’s to revive the ‘family friendliness’/Et fucking cetera”.

However, on the grounds that (i) I really can’t be arsed with all the shit, (ii) I can’t afford it, and (iii) I think all the justifications for the prices/new rules/you-owe-us begging bowl mentalist/you-should-be-grateful-isms have been a bunch of lying, dissembling, horsetrading bullshit & sham, I shall most likely be downing my own beer and other whatnots in the company of friends, for free, on the Downs.

Festival website
BBC News story about ‘that’ licensing agreement


2 responses to “The super, soaraway, “family friendly”, thoroughly unenclosed Ashton Court Festival…

  1. So anyway, we had a lovely time picnicking on the Downs (homemade pasties + chai + beer + MDMA, a fine combination!) and then a marvellous evening down the Blue Mountain for Break!‘s old skool night…

    And then up on Sunday to discover the whole ‘it’s-raining-let’s-cancel’ fiasco!

    Only in Bristol eh 😉

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