Last year I posted a thread on the IMDb messageboards about spotting someone who looked and sounded like Brian Cox in Peter Watkins‘ 1965 nuclear apocalypse what-if pseudo-documentary film The War Game:

is that him as an interviewee, about 6 mins 50 secs in?

the interviewee (see screengrab below) sounds very much like him, even if he may not be a dead ringer visually, he doesn’t look like it’s definitely not cox, iyswim. cox would have been 18-19 when ‘the war game’ was made; the youth pictured certainly seems like he could be around that age.

also, whilst imdb doesn’t list a full cast for ‘the war game’, and it’s not on cox’s filmography, cox is credited with tv work from 1965.

anyone know any more?

Brian Cox War Game screengrab

Audio sample:

Well, a mere 8+ months later, I have received a reply!

I’m not sure if it counts as 100% reliable corroboration (an assenting reply on IMDb holding about as much weight as a vote of confidence from a YouTuber ;-)) but it’ll do for me…


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