TCRE catch-up…

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There’s been some excellent new shows on TheCoolestRadioEver Podcast Network lately, and some great new casters too…

Carmella's first podcast pigeonCarmella’s Casket Of Delight is rather light on the sound of Carmella’s own dulcet tones, but does feature a lot of the suspiciously familiar voice of co-host Dominic McNish, as well as some of her most favouritest tunes;

Vinnivee's Bill Murray PodcastThere’s also VinniVee and her themed music shows – so far ‘Movie Music For The Garden’, ‘Thirties Music For Bathtime’ and the ‘Bill Murray Appreciation Society Movie Soundtrack Compilation’ (as featured below);

Fox podcastThe Button has been delighting us with his acoustic guitar skillz, both on his own songs and other people’s and traditional arrangements like ‘Reynard The Fox’;

TCRE TagTeam#1And then there’s our latest back-to-back feature, the TCRE TagTeam Challenge, featuring:

  • 8 parts!
  • 4 styles!
  • 2 casters!
  • But only 1 winner!!!

…As opened by Hiccup (The Most Literal Man In Music) and Ninjaboy (Drunken Idiot Style)!

Happy subscribing!


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