‘Ecstasy-Plus’ – the lethal new terror drug sweeping the nation


Secret recordings of a supermarket manager allegedly plotting to poison her husband’s curry have been played to a Swansea Crown Court jury.

The jury was told Susan Shervill, 46, asked colleague Tyler Davies for drugs to give her husband David an overdose…

…Mr Davies told her he had a friend who could get him a single extra strong ecstasy tablet which would kill.

“My mate’s got this tablet and it’s called ecstasy-plus, right, and I am not joking, one tablet will kill him,” Mr Davies told her in the taped conversation.

Particularly nice (and ‘nice’ is relative, given this is a tawdry and rather sad story about real people’s real life problems; but let’s roll with ‘nice’ anyway, because ‘nice’ is just ‘nice’) is the touch about the intended circumstances of this alleged poison plot:

In the tape she also said she intended to ensure her husband’s best friend, a prison guard named Eddie Murphy, and his wife Cheryl were with them as witnesses.


BBC News report


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