Make paper aeroplanes!

A delightful how-to vid for what I initially thought was going to be a standard delta wing jobbie (as taught to me in Warlord annual 1979? 1981?), but is in fact a bit more complex than that…

The design is from a webpage by one Michael O’Reilly, who also provides printer-friendly instructions, schematics, and some convincing arguments on why this is “the BEST paper airplane in the world”!

PS If anyone can clear up which Warlord annual the various paper plane plans were in, I’d be jolly grateful, it’s doing my head in at the moment 😦

Most likely candidates:

Warlord Annual 1978Warlord Annual 1979Warlord Annual 1980Warlord Annual 1981

Ruled out:
Warlord Annual 1980

ETA: It’s This One!!!
Warlord Annual 1981

And here’s Lord Peter Flint and his previously mentioned delta wing design…


3 responses to “Make paper aeroplanes!

  1. I bought the 1980 Warlord annual today, and can confirm… the aeroplane instructions are not in this one 😦

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  3. Woo hoo! I’ve found the planemaking plans in an annual I bought off yon eBay!

    Twas in the 1981 Warlord Book For Boys; I have duly amended the blog entry to reflect this 🙂

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