A short tale of Portishead and Cher

‘Believe In Glory Box’ is a bootleg by FunkThatShit which mixes together Cher & Portishead.

A few weeks ago, DJ Paul V of The Smash Mix! podcast/radio show plugged the tune in his ‘Mashup Of The Week’ column on Hollywood pop culture blog Popbytes.

Then a few days ago, the track (via Popbytes) was blogged on MySpace by Portishead, with the comment “Fuking amazing” (sic).

I emailed DJ Paul V and messaged FunkThatShit via Multiply to let them know the good news… So I was a bit embarrassed to spot a thread on GYBO mentioning an apparent volte-face by Geoff Barrow:

sorry i had to get rid of it!!!

some people fuking liked it



And with that the link to the mp3 was edited out 😦

Still sounds good to me though 🙂

Oh, and there’s a YouTube vid floating round of it too…


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