Wikipediaphile: WikiWikiWiki


This post on young Hiccup’s blog reminded me about some of my favourite Wiki pages, so for no real reason except the gift of sharing, here are some of them…

Axis Sally
Brčko District
Daniel Farson
Filiberto Ojeda Rios
Georg Elser
Heavy metal umlaut
Image:Lusophone world
Images of the Last Battalion
Jacob’s Island
Jewish Autonomous Oblast (the Siberian Soviet Zion!)
Joe Lefors (as in Butch & Sundance! “Who is that guy?!”)
Kievan Rus
List of animal adjectives
List of countries without armed forces
Marman clamp (invented by a Marx Brother!)
MD 20/20
Old Believer
Rhinoceros Party of Canada
Russian dressing
Spratley Islands
Steam tank vehicle

TCRE Podcast Network (due for a spruce-up soon, methinks)
That burnt biscuit smell

Enclyclopedia Dramatica
Music (constantly changing, this one!)

Rraohaoaooa (“The neutrality and factual accuracy of this article are disputed.”)

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