Festival folds

Festival cancelledWell, it was not really that big a surprise, was it? It’s been announced that Bristol Community Festival (the company organising BCF/Ashton Court Festival) is definitely going down the swanney. The front page of the Ashton Court Festival website reads:

Bristol Community Festival, the not-for-profit company which organises the annual Ashton Court Festival has today announced that it has started the process of winding up the company. The directors have been in dicussions with insolvency practitioners with a view to appointing them to liquidate the company

Heavy rain over the weekend of the 2007 event forced the cancellation of the second day’s entertainment resulting in financial losses which the organisation cannot sustain.

The directors met on the 19th July and concluded that there was no realistic prospect of continuing and reluctantly took the decision to fold the company. “It’s a real tragedy that after 33 years we’ve been beaten by events beyond our control” said festival chariman Kevin Rooney. “After last year’s difficulties we moved heaven and earth to save the festival and by Saturday night it looked like we’d succeeded. Being dealt this severe blow at the last minute is absolutely devastating.”

The BBC News website story on it has the slightly more sinister-sounding headline Festival company to be liquidated

Oh, and:

Bruce Williamson, from the Festival, told the BBC that people who bought tickets for Sunday would be refunded but would not comment further.

Anyhow: Ashton Court is dead, long live Ashton Court, etcizzle.


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