Sous le pavé, les quangocrats

Green & Common!

The Bristol Blogger has posted an excellent article comparing the ‘Bristol Urban Beach’ with College Green, which is under a dispersal order until further notice…

TBB notes that whilst the ‘Urban Beach‘ (a sandpit in an old boatyard, flanked by a pie stall, some chemical loos and an Evening Post booth) gives lip service to the public forum, to the social space…

“a place to relax, meet people and play…experimenting with ideas around place-making, civic branding, and public space…a chance to invite in different users…experiment with what kinds of community uses are possible…creating local value for the city…”

…whereas on College Green, people actually just get on and use it, share it.

But then a free, unincorporated association of people drawn together on College Green – especially young’uns, and especially when no groats are parted in the process – wouldn’t pass muster with the usual suspects involved in the Urban Beach – the quangocrats, the council junket junkies, the enclosers, the freebooters and freemarketeers.

Anti-Dispersal College Green MySpace Group
Vowles The Green blogs the issue

PS The pic is from the 6th March 1990 Anti-Poll Tax gathering on College Green, a photo by Mark Simmons taken from the book Poll Tax Rebellion by Danny Burns (AK Press/Attack International, 1992)


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