Kick out the jams, sugar thermometers!

Jam jar

If the meeting of fruit with sugar is your thing, then consider popping along to Cafe Kino on Nine Tree Hill (off Stokes Croft, between the Polish ‘information centre’ and the sofa shop at the Demolition Diner junction) on Thursday (that’s 26th July, diary freaks) for the inaugural Recipe Exchange Night.

Whilst the name does have something of a euphemistic feel to it, apparently it will actually be a night devoted to exchanging recipes – this time jams and other fruit preserves, with the holy chutney and similar such savoury pickles provisionally pencilled in for the next.

Oh, and there’s music too, with Eirlys Rhiannon and The Darlings singing paeans to jams and whatnot.

Here’s some spiel:

Revel in the joyful fruitfulness of the summer – and get ready to bottle it up for the winter!

Bring recipes, books to share for the evening, samples for tasting and as much curiosity as you dare…

Jam Recipe Exchange page on Eirlys Rhiannon’s website
Eirlys Rhiannon on MySpace


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