And in Bulgarian news…

Slab MurphyNot seen this anywhere else, but it was on my Google Alerts anyway…

Relatives of IRA Chief Slab Murphy Register Firms in Bulgaria

23 July 2007, Monday

Relatives of Thomas “Slab” Muprhy [sic], the Chief of Staff of the Provisional IRA, have registered two firms in Bulgaria in January, a journalistic enquiry of the 24 hours daily revealed.

The two men, sharing the Muprhy family name are Steven and Eiden, who are believed to be Slab’s brother’s sons.

Steven and Eiden have registered the firms “A M” and “B D” on January 24 in Bulgaria at the same address, 8 Mara Gidik Street. In addition to the same family name and the same address registration, the two provided the same address in Ireland – a farm in the village of Ballybinaby, Hackballs Cross in the County Louth.

This is the same place where Slab Murphy lives.

Many Irish citizens have come to Bulgaria and registered their own firms in order to purchase real estate, since the country joined the European Union in January.

Murphy was involved with the South Armagh Brigade of the IRA before becoming Chief of Staff of the IRA Army Council. An ex-correspondent for the Daily Telegraph has named him as planning the Warrenpoint Ambush of 1979, in which 18 British soldiers were killed, and was also allegedly implicated in the Mullaghmore bombing the same day.

Accused by the Sunday Times of directing an IRA bombing campaign in Britain, in 1987 Murphy unsuccessfully sued the paper for libel in Dublin.

In October 2005, officers of the British Assets Recovery Agency and the Irish Criminal Assets Bureau carried out raids on a number of businesses in Manchester and Dundalk. It has been extensively reported in the media that the investigation is aimed at damaging the suspected multi-million pound empire of Murphy, who according to the BBC’s Underworld Rich List, has accumulated up to GBP 40 M through smuggling oil, cigarettes, grain and pigs; as well as through silent or partial ownership in legitimate businesses, and in property.

From Sofia News Agency

I wonder how this story cropped up on a Bulgarian newswire?


5 responses to “And in Bulgarian news…

  1. The story was also (earlier!) covered in NI blog Slugger O’Toole, where there’s a lively comment war brewing too.

  2. And still not seeing this story being bulked up or picked up or repeated in more traditional, domestic news media.

    Most curious!

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  4. Bulgaria could use some men like Slab who have charisma, tactical genius, and the heart to take on enormous odds over decades. Slab could singlehandedly turn the country into the “Bulgarian Tiger.” Good luck!

  5. Jesus. You all know so much. The mans name is ‘Slob’ Murphy….god bless the media!

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