Carnival – take two

St. Paul's Carnival logo

The blurb is back through the letterbox today – St. Paul’s Carnival tis to take place on Saturday 15th September.

Oh, and that awkward Rovers vs Leeds fixture has been rescheduled for Friday night – “…at the request of the police”, naturally.

Proposed road closures are as follows:


There’s various costume and banner making workshops going on over the next month and a bit:

Carnival workshops

And naturally a big hand goes to…

Merchants + Venturers!

Who needs teh acksuall Merchant Venturers when the actual merchants and venturers are both out recruiting, eh? 😉

Bristol Alliance: Broadmead Employment & Enterprise Scheme
MOD: 163 Iraq deaths


2 responses to “Carnival – take two

  1. Just to reinforce the message, I got a second lot of leaflets through the letterbox this evening too… The Carnival must go on!

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