Harbouring doubts

I’ve been pootling about the Harbour Festival – or to give it its official name, the EDF Energy Bristol Harbour Festival 2007.

Apparently – according to the BBC – it’s the 36th time the festival has been held. I have no idea whether this is true or not.

With the breathless hyperbole of any civic leader worth their expenses and allowances, Cllr Rosalie Walker (‘Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing’) calls it:

…one of the highlights of the city’s outdoor events season… with an outstanding programme that truly offers something for everyone… the city council is proud to organise the event… one of the best free events of its kind in the country…

She even manages to crown off this magnificent purple prose with a reminder of her own council brief:

Bristol takes great pride in the asset of our harbour, which is condusive to good health, leisure and fun.


Anyhow, I digress. There’s plenty going on, lots of boats an ships and whatnot, and it’s good to see the Centre and the harbourside full of people, having fun and making use of the space. Queen Square and the Grove in particular were full of things for families and teh youngsters to fun around with. And having Kid Carpet opening the musical entertainment on the Square seems pretty appropriate, given how the ‘Children’s Festival’ is centred around QS, and this is a man-child who rocks the show with bodge-wired battery-powered toy instruments and savant stadium rock attitude…

Kid Carpet

A perfect introduction to live gigs for pram dwellers in sunhats, methinks. But yes – Kid Carpet – excellent. Faultless. And those biceps of his are definitely growing bigger… He’s starting to look like a cartoon mix between Dexter Fletcher and Frank Stallone.


So, this Harbour Festival. Shame the council can’t throw the same level of support behind BCF/Ashton Court (folded) or St. Paul’s Carnival Festival (postponed). But then I guess neither of those, in their purest forms, match the vision for Bristol that an organisation such as a unitary authority is prepared to accommodate. Who knows.

Kid Carpet’s website
Kid Carpet’s MySpace


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