BC + D = A*

Big D & dj BCMaster mashketeer Bob Cronin, aka dj BC – him behind such toetapping bootleg collections like the none-more-summery Wu Orleans and, of course, Scouse moptop/5 Boroughs sneaker pimp crossover The Beastles – has another fine musical project out…

Strictly Mixed And Mashed sees young Bobberoonie squaring up to New England ska-flecked dub bandits Big D And The Kid’s Table plus guest artists for a pounding, bouncy, thoroughly enjoyable (if the MySpace titbits are anything to go by) work-out.

Here’s the full skinny in the dj’s own ABCs:

Around Mardi Gras last year – almost a year and half ago – I met Dave McWane at a crawfish boil in Boston. Apparently we had New Orleans peops in common. I was wearing a Beastles t-shirt, which Dave immediately picked up on, having heard the album, and we connected quick. After we’d had some beers, some crawfish, and identified (and decorated) a haunted birdhouse on the premises, we found ourselves talking about music, and agreed we’d do a remix project on some scale- originally, I had the impression we were talking about some B-Side remixes or perhaps a short EP.

I spoke with Wayne & Wax (reggae artist, expert and ethnographer Wayne Marshall) about the possibility of using some sample material from his fantastic reggae album “Boston Jerk.” (I highly recommend for reggae fans.) He was enthusiastic about the idea and very supportive. A couple months later I had the first track – Salem Rastafari – which, in its final form, is almost exactly as it was the day I first played it for Sean Foote and Dave. They dug it, played it for the band, and got back to me with a verdict- I got the go ahead from them, and through them, Fork In Hand, to go ahead with a project for release. I was feckin’ POMPED!!!

… I got to visit Camp Street Studios, where the great Paul Kolderie himself was presiding over the dubbed-out mixdown of “She Knows Her Way.” That same night Steve sat for a couple of hours hunched over a laptop, sorting through hundreds of unlabelled stem files from the early records, trying to find acapellas for me. Adam from Camp Street hooked me up with pellas and horns from the new record. I got to work through the New England winter. For many months.

As things got warm, I had the chance to spin a few tracks between bands during an April 07 ICC show in Allston. IT rocked- now legendary, and I spun most of the album that was done at that time. This was it! The test of how Big D friends and fans would dig the remix treatment I gave these classic tracks. The kids were digging it, even moshin a bit to “Robot President” and definitely grooving to the tunes. And they knew the source material inside out, that was evident!

And now, more than a year later, the tracks are getting a final polish before the record gets pressed. Very exciting! It’s my first “real” record release and I am proud of the result – 17 tracks of dubby electro ragga ponk Big D dancehall goodness, featuring guest spots from Wayne and Wax, Rashorne Foster, and Raw Raw!!! Plus a full-length bonus CD of pellas and instrumentals for the pleasure of the remixer, mashup artist, or just the completist…

So go check it out, peckerheads 😎

DJ BC + Big D And The Kids Table banner

DJ BC Vs Big D And The Kid’s Table on MySpace
DJ BC on MySpace
Big D And The Kid’s Table on MySpace
Wayne And Wax on MySpace

PS Check out the remix contest too…

PPS And cuz it’s shiny summer vibes, here’s a coupla Wu Orleans tracks to get you in the mood:

‘Dirty Brass’

‘Bogalusa Shimmy’


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