Going down the bloghole

Microblogs & tumblelogsLately I’ve been getting into micro-blogging and tumblelogging. It seems to be just regular blogging, but without the pretense that it’s anything other than ultimately pointless, futile and self-absorbed. Which, obviously, suits me.

Micro-blogs – like Twitter and Jaiku – are basically just feeds of little text messages about what you’re doing, broadcast to a larger audience, a bit like talking to yourself whilst you’re doing the shopping. “I’m not sure if these melons are firm enough LOL”. You can make your messages completely public, or restrict them to people on your contact list. Content is pretty much restricted to small amounts of text, and hyperlinks. There’s a newer, slightly swishier micro-blog service called Pownce, too – but that’s not yet got open registrations.

Tumblelogs, on the other hand (eg Tumblr) meet halfway between micro-blogs and, um, blog blogs. Pared-down functionality and design, but perfect to dump pictures, links, video and whatever else, without too much commentary – a bit like building a scrapbook with interesting stuff you’ve found whilst you’re on nature rambles across the great interweb wilderness.

So far, it strikes me that micro-blogging and tumblelogging split the ‘I just ate me tea, it was scrummy’ and ‘Look! A sign for a town called DILDO hahaha!!!’ posts of a normal blog into handily discrete online locations, which is either rather handy, or rather stupid, depending on which way you dress, Still, it keeps me out of trouble.

My contacts:
BristleKRS on Jaiku
BristleKRS on Pownce
BristleKRS on Tumblr
BristleKRS on Twitter
(I hasten to add, there really is little of any interest on these 😀 )

Useful primers on micro-blogging & tumblelogging:
Your Guide to Micro-Blogging and Twitter (PBS)
Tumblepedia (a wiki about tumbleogging)

PS I have some Pownce invites going spare if you want one.

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