Inking up them fingers once again

annualsThanks largely to the good influence of both that young DJ Lumpy chap (of WoBcast & Eclectic Kettle infamy) and Vinny, I’ve been getting back into teh comics and whatnot.

Like, proper comics – letterpress and web offset litho and the occasional photogravure luxury (cheers Revd Morris!), but mostly the sort of stuff where cheap ink slides off the rag paper to let you know you’ve had a good fix by way of Turin Shrouding your hands and clothes. The sort of comics with episodes of continuing series. High concept strips. Strips based 90% around punning titles. My kind of comics.

I do have some rambling hypotheses about the nature of universal visual grammar which children’s weeklies and few other media ever got to grips with, but that’s for another day.

For now I just want to gloat over the fact that during my wanderings across town and around St. Nick’s Market in particular I picked up a quintet of annuals (3 of which I’ve never had before) – Warlord 1980 & 1984 (both of which I have stored away at my parents, where they are providing an invaluable service as insulation in the attic), plus Jackpot 1980, Beezer 1977, and Lion 1955.

I’m particularly happy at landing the Lion, as I only have one other of these Eagle rip-offs (1954), and even though it was in every way inferior to its glossy aquiline precursor (artwork, paper, printing, scripts, ideas), it’s still got that certain chutzpah that I never felt off Marvel or DC.

Anyhow, plenty of reading for now, I shall report back later 🙂

Oh, and I also scored some modern comics – okay, *coff* *splutter* ‘graphic novels’ – two volume’s of Jamie Smart’s Bear, Rutu Modan‘s Exit Wound, and a revisionist take on IPC’s WW2 pilot Battler Britton by Garth Ennis and Colin Wilson. I was well impressed with Ennis’s War Stories Vol.2, so I have high hopes for BB

PS The paper aeroplane instructions are not in the 1980 Warlord annual, so the search continues…


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