TCRE SoundClash #4 :: The dire straits of brothers-in-law

tcre sc 4A tip-top fourth TCRE SoundClash Challenge sees mein own arch-nemesis, the dour northern prince of darkness, Tangerinebreem facing off against the bright young hope that is the J-Dawg… I’m only halfway through it and it’s sounding tight on the points decision already…



1. The Shins – Australia
2. To Rococco Rot – How we never went to bed
3. Gogol Bordello – As featured in soundtrack for Everything Is illuminated
4. Delinquent Habits – Return of the Tres
5. Kid 606 – I think I’m Alone Now
6. Cemetry Gates – The Smiths

Additional elements include:
  • Elements from Waking Life
  • Elements taken from ‘Attempts On Her Life’ by Martin Crimp
  • Dialogue from ‘Blink’ ep10 s29 of Doctor Who

PART 2 (J)

1. Chemical Brothers – We Are The Night (J Edit)
2. Earth Leakage Trip – No Idea
3. Dungen – Panda
4. Blackalicious – Halfway Home
5. The GO! Team – We Just Won’t Be Defeated.


1. Sixtoo – Boxcutter Emporium pt 2
2. Noel Coward – There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner
3. Jo Jo Bennet – Musical Pressure
4. Asian Dub Foundation – Collective Mode
5. Four Tet – As Serious As Your Life
6. R.L. Burnside – Pucker Up Buttercup
7. Aesop Rock ft Slug – I’ll Be Ok

Additional elements include:
  • Charlton Heston’s dialogue from Soylent Green
  • Stewart Lee & Armando Iannucci in Time Tunnel
  • John Lydon on the meaning of life
  • Mr Burns as featured in The Simpsons
  • A snippet of a trumpet from Modest Mouse’s ‘Good News For People Who Love Bad News’
  • “The light of memory” quote: Eugene Ionesco

PART 4 (J)

1. Soulwax- I Love Techno (Nite Version)
2. Mother And The Addicts – Oh God, Stop Hurting Me!
3. Al Hirt – Green Hornet
4. Vitalic – Valletta Fanfares (excerpts)
5. M.I.A – Bucky Dun Gun
6. Os Mutantes – A Minha Menina

Additional elements include:
  • Excerpts from Big Train
  • Excerpts from Kill Bill

Available for streaming, subscription and download from Radio Josh podcast page, as well as TCBE CoolestBlog.

And don’t forget to vote for the Clasher you think deserves the win on the TCFE CoolestForum poll thread!

The winner stays on and will face either Sly (of Donkey Wrangler To The Stars fame), or else CoolestEverLand‘s chief madmin, Wraeth

And if all that sounds too complicated, you can listen to the SoundClash right here:


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