Noo Yoik’s Finest bust homemade sub

NYC sub

NYC ‘mini-sub’ sails into trouble (BBC)

Police in New York City have stopped an egg-shaped, mini-submarine found floating in the harbour near the moored ocean liner Queen Mary II.

The vessel was designed for “underwater navigation”, police said, and seemed to be a replica of the Turtle submarine from the American War of Independence.

Three men have been charged with breaching harbour regulations but terrorism is not suspected.

The mini-sub had a hatch on top and was propelled by a pedal-operated paddle.

One man was in the vessel and two other men were in an inflatable boat towing the sub.

New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the mini-sub “is the creative craft of three adventuresome individuals”.

“It does not pose any terrorist threat… We can best summarise today’s incident as marine mischief.”

Boring bastard cops 😡


Build your own Turtle!

making a turtle


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