I’m watching ‘Kane’, sugar (It’s fun, baby)


Well, I was, this afternoon. Marvellous way to spend your lunchtime.


Though playing the Ken Barnes commentary track added to the rather wobbly day I was already having after not sleeping in too many hours, and ending up in the baker’s queue at the market behind a bread-indecisive Grant from Massive Attack didn’t help my grasping onto reality either.

And why is it I only ever bump into shady characters from my past when I’m spannered and dog tired? And always looking well clucky too? And always on North Street/Moon Street, or else the other side of St. James Barton, coming up the ramp?

This time it was a daddy longlegs-limbed ex-housemate. I think he may still be bitter that I bought that DDR rain pattern jacket he’d told me about from that charity shop back in 1997. It was a few days before his Giro, so he was skint. But I had cash money, so I bought it for me. Very sneaky. I got my just desserts though, in the sense that it just sort of vanished a few years back.

Anyway, Citizen Kane: marvellous. I know I already said that, but it bears repeating.

Now playing: Willie Hutch – ‘Brother’s Gonna Work It Out’
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