Can’t Forget About UK

Charlie Sloth can’t, and nor should you…

A fine hip hop hat-tip to the UKHH pioneers, such as:

Imperial mixers, Audio Kings, Derrick B, Family quest, Mud Fam/Skinny, London Posse, Phaze one, Tim Westwood, Mike Allen, Soul 2 Soul (Jazzy B), Jazzy b, Roots Manuver, Blak Twang, DJ 279, Richie Rich, Shorty Blitz, Cookie Crew, Phantom, Mark Russell, Silver bullet, Dynamic 3, Syndicate, Monie Love, Music of Life?, Roger Quick, Smith & Mighty, Max Lx?, Braintax, Caveman, Demon boys, Cash Crew, Catch 22, Big Ted, Stereo MC’s, Simon Harris, Dave Peirce, Mr freski, CJ Mackintosh, Emcee Duke, cut Master Swift, Nutrament, Morgen Khan, Black Prophetz, Jonzi-d, Normsky, Paul H, DSM, Team 3 B, MC D, Task Force, Gunshot, Hijack, Overlord X, MC Mello, Guttersnypes, Bury crew, Social illness, Pretty boy g, rapologists, David toop, Dave cash c, Goldtop, Lady suger sweet, Ruthless rap assassins, Mc Chico, Dizzy Heights, Einstein, TY, Wee papa girl rappers, She rockers, Mc Merlin, Blade, Prime rhyme masters, Dave vj & max lx, Mix masters, Cut master Swift, Jump, Dj Pogo, junior g, Funky DL, Outlaw posse



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