The pulp is catholic

I have been wading through my bookmarks, trying (and failing) to tidy things up, or at least trim it all down to a number that I can upload them to an online manager to keep things synchronised, and in the course of it came across a handful devoted to pulp paperbacks, the yellow press and all novels cheap and sensationalist…


Some wonderful covers on these sites, and some even talk about the text, too 😉

A fine reminder of days past, when I would wade through the rents’ pulp mountain, basing my literary choices purely on gaudily sensational covers and breathlessly exclaimed taglines, something which would generally reward the reader with a full-throttle, plot-driven rattle through adverb abuse and 2D characterisation. Which I would argue is a bloody good thing in a novel, especially if you want something to read on the crapper.

Ahhh, the halcyon days of NEL and Coronet and all the rest…

Naughty Novels
Trash Fiction
Vintage Paperbacks

Hat tip: Vinny 8)

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