Bummed out by Buffalo Bill…

Hamish & Bill

I was watching Hamish Macbeth the other day, and in one episode (‘A Pillar Of The Community’, S1E2) the plot revolves around this pulp Western writer, and in the course of the story, our erstwhile hero Hamish goes snooping in the author’s shed, where he finds all manner of Wild West bric-a-brac… Including an old Buffalo Bill annual, which I was sure I recognised as one I had – number 5, from 1953, complete with colourful Denis McLoughlin cover.

But on closer inspection it’s #3, from 1950. Poop 😦

Buffalo Bill, 1950: NOT GOT / Buffalo Bill, 1953: GOT


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2 responses to “Bummed out by Buffalo Bill…

  1. thebristolblogger

    Fans of pointless facts might be interested to know that Buffalo Bill once appeared in Bristol at a 15,000 seat stadium built on Horfield Common.

  2. Beat that, Bristol Arena 😀

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