The Vinyl Frontier of bootleg concept albums


Those lovable rogues at Beat Boot-Ique (a mashup music community-cum-blog) have put together a marvellous SF film-themed bootleg concept album… Tis called The Vinyl Frontier – Vol.1 – Mashups From Outta Space, and you can download a rar folder of it in its entirety from BBI. It features some lovely tunes, including a couple by Bristol’s own Juxtaposeur (WoBcast/Eclectic Kettle)… I don’t want to spoil the surprise by explaining about each track individually, because it really is an audio journey 😉 and worth going through it all the way rather than cherry-picking individual tunes. If you want commentary, check the BBI album notes, or this GYBO thread.

By way of a taster, though, here’s ‘That Chewie Tune’ by Guv’nor:


Side A
01. Virtual DJ – Eve of a problem
02. CMP – Intergalactic Predator
03. Virtual DJ – Slow Martian Nasty Girl
04. Viper Pilot – Ballad of the colonial Roughnecks
05. Juxtaposeur – Space Dictation
06. Guv’nor – That Chewie Tune
07. DJ Le Clown – 200

Side B
08. DJ Useo vs Celebrity Murder Party – Goldrush Revolution
09. Juxtaposeur – Moon Conversation
10. Guv’nor – UFO Outta Space
11. DJ Useo vs Celebrity Murder Party – Love Rocket
12. Celebrity Murder Party – Wrath of Khan Never knows
13. DJ Useo – Major Tomgebirge
14. Icky – Let me be Outta Space

Compiled by Beat Bootique productions
Catalogue number – BBI001
Released: 24-08-2007
Download here


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