A night out

colliding lemons

Last night I went to the Lipstick On Your Collar/Ladyfest Bristol night at the Lousiana. It was three bands plus a dancing troupe (the Panther Girls) for a fiver, with a friendly crowd and nice bouncy, loud tunes, so to borrow Jim Bloggs’s words, triffic.

Only caught the first band (Colliding Lemons, that’s them in the pic above) and the headliners (The Mentalists), missing Brighton’s Manic Cough by virtue of being outside woe-is-the-worlding over mine personal meltdown, but such is life. But it was a fun night, and I really enjoyed Colliding Lemons, good bob-a-long niceness, though I think The Mentalists have the better name.

I also got to meet his royal hairness Jeff in the perspirational flesh – a jolly nice chap. He was looking forward to the Kid Carpet gig at Bestival next weekend, and also rather understandably looking forward to his own 25th birthday bash at the Louisiana on the 11th September (which, depending on whether you believe KC’s website or the Loui MySpace more, will either feature Manic F – Jeff – and Der Carpet, or else Jaded Green Day Experience, The Volt and Dusty White Roses, or perhaps some combination thereof. But anyhow, a lovely chap, though possibly too tall for school.

Um, I think that’s all. Carry on.


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