Suspicious Middle Easton characters seen on Downs

Morad Fareed

A Palestinian striker, Morad Fareed, played with Bristol’s Easton Cowboys on Saturday to highlight a ban on a football team from Gaza touring the UK.

Fareed played the second half with the Cowboys Reserves against Clifton Rockets Reserves in the Downs League, and scored, but had his goal disallowed in a match won 3-1 by Clifton.

Visa applications for all members of the Gaza Under-19s team due to visit Britain to play Chester City and Blackburn Rovers were turned down in August, so the Cowboys drafted in Fareed to highlight the situation.

The Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls sporting and social club has over the years helped organise events such as the Alternative World Cup, football matches against teams of masked Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico, cricket matches in Compton, LA, as well as being involved in various causes across Bristol.


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