Boot.List updated

As this cunningly to-the-point blog title suggests, I have recently been updating my Boot.List page.

“‘Boot.List page’? What’s that?”

Well, it’s just “an A-Z list of links to the websites, blogs, podcasts & SNS pages of various bootleggers, mashup artists and bastard popstars.”

As yet it’s still missing lots, but I’m making progress. Also, there may be dead links lurking in there too, given the grey areas involved and the panic-first default mode of some ISPs. But like I said, I’m making progress, you bastards, so stop moaning. If you do spot dud URLs, or want to recommend a missing site, please let me know so I can amend the list 🙂

I do also occasionally mention bootlegs and the like in the blog too – check the infuriatingly accurately monickered category ‘Bootlegs‘, lurking deep within my arcane system of classification:

» Complexes > Kultur+Gesellschaft > Music, Sound & Noise > Bootleg


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