Le Donk don’t stop popping!

Le Donk’s Break-Dancing Master-Class Extravaganza…

Shane Meadows & Paddy Considine are apparently – according to Shane’s own posts on the SM Forum – working on a new Le Donk project:

Shane has recently left an update on the forum regarding his current and forthcoming projects… The first of these projects is an improvised piece of guerilla film-making based on the character Le Donk played by Paddy Considine.

Le Donk is an ex-builder, ex-rock drummer, and currently a roadie (although I have to say that I am not 100% certain I have his back-story correct there).

The project is being made over 5 days with no script, no funding and a tiny crew, and will also feature top British monkey-named band, The Arctic Monkeys!

The Le Donk project may end up being a short film, it may end up being a pilot episode for a TV series, or even a full feature.

PS The This Is England DVD was released this Monday, and there’s also a Shane Meadows boxset, featuring Twenty Four Seven, A Room For Romeo Brass, Dead Man’s Shoes and This Is England – so stick that in yer cheyne and stoke it 8)

Shane Meadows DVDs


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