Minged out on Lizard Poison?

Zapped! Lizard Man rumbled in Flash Gordon

I’m watching the splendid 1980 Mike Hodges (Bristol boy, natch) film version of Flash Gordon, and something just caught my ear…

In the bit near the beginning, where Dale, Flash & Dr Zarkov are being escorted to see Ming The Merciless, the hovering eyebot sentry spots a Lizard Man trying to escape, and zaps him. As the Lizard Man cries out, in my sleep-deprived state it sounds to me like it might be sampled in ‘Poison’ by The Prodigy. See what you think:

Hear the Lizard Man!

I’ve checked a fansite listing Prodigy’s use of samples, but it’s not mentioned.


One response to “Minged out on Lizard Poison?

  1. Sounds similar because both noises were made with synthesizers….
    Maybe the same one.

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