No bootlegs in Duty Free

DFRNT ‘Duty Free’

If you liked Alex C‘s Dead Prez remix done under his DFRNT dubstep guise, then I think you are going to cream over his latest dubstep tune, ‘Duty Free’ – it makes me feel dirty in all the right ways and has a marvellously warm, throbbing feel to it, with grime-tinged, scuffed, scuzzy, fuzzy edges.

I hope he keeps up the good work with the DFRNT stuff, definitely setting the bar high. I have a feeling this ickle project could quite naturally grow into something rather substantial – and there’s definitely scope for some vocal tracks and some uptempo remixes.

Addendum: I’ve just heard back from Alex, who tells me he’s secured “an official digital release for the two tracks so far ‘Duty Free’, and ‘Catch Me’…”! When I get more details I’ll pass them on 🙂

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