Comics Britannia season on BBC4!

British comics medley

Lumpy let me know that this was coming – it’s a short strand of programmes on BBC4 about the British comics tradition, featuring interviews with sterling creators such as Leo Baxendale and Alan Moore.

The season features a three part documentary, plus celebrity fanboy Jonathon Ross (in the late 80s and early 90s, no graphic novel was released without a JR endorsement pasted across the cover – in those days he was to comics what his brother came to be to film) on the trail of Steve Ditko, episodes of Batman and a film about Tintin. All in all, a slightly cobbled together line-up by the sounds of things, but hopefully the main event will be worth it:

Narrated by Armando Iannucci, it features interviews with the creators of iconic characters from The Beano, Bunty, Commando, Viz, Eagle, 2000AD and more. Here on the BBC Four website, watch out for extra footage of comic giants Leo Baxendale and Alan Moore, as well as more in-depth articles from expert aficionado Paul Gravett.

It starts next Monday, so don’t forget!

I suspect that the popularity of recent reprint editions of Commando picture library, the Aurum Press books and the V For Vendetta film have all helped create the climate which makes this series possible – perhaps it might help chivvy Egmont into releasing more material from the archives…

Oh, and check out this clip of Alan Moore being interviewed by Gaz Top on Get Fresh!



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