Scream! to the Max

Thirteenth Floor coverI’m all excited, because a new collection of one of my favourite comic strips is being published – ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ from Scream! horror comic.

Scream! only ran for fifteen issues, but left its mark on the souls of many readers. Inspired as much by the EC and Warren horror titles of the past as the traditional British fare of IPC’s eighties output, it was edited by a shrouded Grim Reaper-type, Ghastly McNasty. It was home to strips like ‘Monster’ (scripted by Alan Moore) and ‘The Thirteenth Floor’, which featured Max the psychopathic computer. When Scream! got merged with Eagle – as junior partner – Max had proved so popular he became the nominal editor of the result. No such glory had lain ahead for Starlord or Big E when their comics were swallowed up by Tharg’s 2000AD

Anyway, with Egmont (the publisher which owns the rights to many of the comics published by the old IPC comics division) dragging its heels and generally being right meanies, many fine strips have gathered dust, with no hope for a second life in the reprints. However, a chap named David McDonald – a fan of comics since his days as a nipper in the 70s – figured out the copyright minefield and through nifty negotiation has secured the rights to publish some hitherto unreprinted strips, namely Scream‘s ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ and Eagle‘s ‘Doomlord’ (which came out last year). He does it through his charmingly uncorporate publishing house Hibernia, based in Ireland, and the process of getting the reprints collected together involves scanning his actual old issues and then cleaning them up digitally! Now that’s what I call a man with a plan 😀

Anyway, here’s the details of The ‘Thirteenth Floor’ album:

After the success of my ‘Doomlord’ collection I have taken the plunge again and published a collection of one of my favourite comic ever, ‘The Thirteenth Floor’.

Written by John Wagner and Alan Grant and drawn by José Ortiz, ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ was one of the favourites in the classic, short lived horror comic from the eighties, Scream! and continued on in Eagle.

My new collection collects ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ from the first 11 issues of Scream!, an introduction by John Wagner, and an article by Ed Berridge on the short lived Scream!. Also included is a stripography of ‘The Thirteenth Floor’. The print run is limited to 700 copies only no more will be printed so get them while you can.

52 pages B&W

€6.75 plus €1.5 post
£4.5 plus £1.5post
€6.75 plus €3post
Rest of the world:
€6.75 plus €4 post

If anyone wants to add Doomlord to the order please add €3/£2. No extra post needed.

Email for payment details

I’ve got my cheque ready to send off as we speak!

PS David wrote a brief explanation on his website about the state of affairs with regards ex-IPC rights ownership. This is the gist of it:

  • Any comic or character created before 1969 (with the exception of Tiger, Buster and Roy Of The Rovers which are owned by Egmont) are still copyright IPC.
  • Any new comic or character created after 1969 is copyright Egmont (with the exception of 2000AD, Judge Dredd Megazine, and apparently Tornado and Starlord, which Rebellion owns; and Eagle both old and new, which the Dan Dare Corporation owns).
  • It then gets really messy when mergers are in a title: eg, ‘One Eyed Jack’ appeared in both Valiant and Battle; copyright lies with IPC not Egmont.

PPS Cheers to Jovan on Back To The Depths for the tip-off!

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