No Österreich with his head in the sand… ‘Heavy Metal Amour’-plated new banger from not-i!

Top Austria-based bootlegger dj not-i (he of the Blue Boy/ODB-borrowing ‘Shimmember Me’, plus ‘Pollution 500’, ‘Heart Shaped Sky’ and many others) is working on an album full of bastardised choonage, and has released a spiffing demo of one of the new tracks, ‘Heavy Metal Amour’ via TheCoolestThingEver!

See, some time last year i read somewhere that if you wanna get massive exposure as a bootlegger, you have to release an album. In my case, it was some of the stupidest advice i’ve ever followed, because if i’m a master at anything, it’s at being a master procrastinator. Now i’m sitting on a shitload of half-finished to almost-finished material and keep coming up with new ideas. I could easily do a double album by now. So I’m just going to stop and finish the stuff i’ve got and stop being a perfectionist procrastinator.

And because i’m so fond of you people, i’m giving you a super exclusive rough cut sneak peak at one of the most radical tracks.


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