Shocked & amused

Chief Inspector Andy Bennett, King Of BlogsLocal media darling Chief Inspector Andy ‘Gordon’ Bennett may have made a rather impolitic remark in his quest to come over all matey on his much-publicised ‘cuddly cop’ blog.

Showing characteristic tact and diplomacy whilst discussing the possibility of arming Bristol’s bobbies with potentially lethal stun guns, he mentioned the YouTube video of Manchester’s top cop getting Tasered, describing the footage as:

educational and amusing at the same time.

In itself, hardly that controversial. However, given that the Bristol Stun Gun Burglary Gang is currently running round electric shocking people with impunity, one wonders whether Bennett really thought through his remarks, or whether the victims of the gang felt ‘educated’ or ‘amused’ when confronted with a Taser.

Bennett – who now oversees the policing of South Bristol from Broadbury Road nick – used to be Sector Inspector in Ashley ward, where he made lots of friends through Operation Atrium (which included routine fully armed paramilitary patrols a few years back). Given how Atrium was the cause of District Commander Chief Superintendent Mike Roe’s own very public bollock-drop over lost bullets, one wonders whether there was something in the water back then at Trinity station which stimulates the fetishisation of weapons and promotes insensitivity.

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