The Criterion killing

Police search for Criterion killing murder weapon?

A chap was murdered in the Criterion early this morning, after the official end of Carnival here in St. Paul’s.

We’ve just had fifteen porkers doing a heart-not-in-it fingertip search (well, not ‘fingertip search’ really, more a ‘walking along and poking the ground with a stick search’) along the Frontline and Wilder Street, and I assume it’s in some way connected.

The street cleaners haven’t been around today either, so I guess it’s also reasonable to suppose the A&S asked them to hold off a while.

The BBC hasn’t reported many details, in fact its ‘report‘ is essentially a verbatim reproduction of the police press release, with minor edits.

[Police] were called to the Criterion pub in Ashley Road in the St.Paul’s area of the city at about 0240 BST.

Police say the victim, believed to be a local man in his 30s, died in Bristol Royal Infirmary later.

A police spokesman stressed the incident was not thought to be connected with the St.Paul’s carnival, held in the area on Saturday afternoon.

Detectives investigating the incident, which happened sometime after the carnival had come to a close, said the motive of the attack was unclear.

it is not known what weapon was used during the incident.

Nothing on Bristol IndyMedia or in the Post as yet.

Sympathies to the murdered man’s friends and family, regardless of whatever may have happened.

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