Criterion update

Criterion pub in St. Paul’s cordoned off (BBC)

Apparently two people – a sixteen year old girl and a twenty-two year old man – have been arrested in connection with the Criterion murder, according to reports in the Evening Post and on the BBC News website today. The dead man is named as Mohamoud Muse Hassan, aged thirty-five.

The Post story (filed at 10:40am) reports “Police could not confirm how many times he had been stabbed or what weapon was used,” but the later BBC story (filed at 3:13pm) says that “On Monday afternoon police revealed that they had recovered two knives from the area near the Criterion pub”.

The Evening Post does however confirm the suspicion about the police preventing the post-Carnival clean-up operation:

“Carnival would also like to apologise to residents that, as a result of the police investigation, the street cleaners were not allowed to continue when they turned up early Sunday morning.”

Sigma, the event management company used by the carnival team, were trying to persuade the authorities, throughout yesterday, of the urgent need to clean.

Interesting to note the contrast of police insistence throughout this that the murder was nothing to do with Carnival (“This was a tragic and totally isolated incident and not linked in any way to the carnival,” according to Chief Inspector Cath Tarrant) and that ‘there were no indications it was racially motivated,’ with the attitude expressed towards Carnival in recent years by A&S management. Mending fences, building bridges, or changing policy, I wonder?


A&S police press releases

Two people arrested

Police have arrested two people in connection with the murder investigation.

A 16 year old girl and a 22 year old man were arrested yesterday and remain in custody at a Bristol police station. [7:40am]

Murder victim named

Police have named the man who was murdered at the Criterion pub in St Paul’s yesterday (September 16).

Mohamoud Muse Hassan, 35, died after he was stabbed at the pub at around 2.40am.

Police are continuing to appeal for witnesses to the incident.

A 16 year old girl and a 22 year old man remain in custody to be questioned about the incident throughout today. [11:39am]

Police recover knives from rubbish

Police investigating the murder of Mohamoud Muse Hassan have revealed that they have recovered two knives as part of the investigation.

Yesterday (September 16) police insisted that rubbish in and around the St Paul’s area was not to be collected as detectives were keen to secure any potential evidence.

A thorough search of rubbish bins and litter in the streets in the St Paul’s area has now been concluded and the remaining cordon on Ashley Road has been lifted.

The extensive search of the rubbish has resulted in police finding two knives.

The knives are being forensically examined to determine whether they are connected to the stabbing incident.

Police said that the recovery of the knives justified the need to delay the rubbish collections.

All of the rubbish has now been cleared from the area and road closures have been lifted. A small police cordon remains outside the Criterion pub which does not impact on traffic.

A post-mortem result has concluded that Mr Hassan died as a result of one stab wound to the neck.

Police are continuing to appeal for witnesses to the incident. [2:44pm]

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