Stunning dissidence

This might ‘educate’ and/or ‘amuse’ our friend Chief Inspector Andy Bennett: On Monday student Andrew Meyer asked John Kerry why he conceded the 2004 election to Bush at a talk delivered by the former Democratic presidential candidate at the University of Florida. Police then tried to drag Meyer out of the hall, handcuffed him, Tasered him and told him he was being arrested for “incitement to riot”!

CNN reports that two campus cops “have been placed on leave with pay.”

The Florida Division of Law Enforcement will investigate Monday’s arrest of student Andrew Meyer, said J. Bernard Machen. Machen called the incident “regretful for us.”

“The thing that I regret is that civil dialogue and civil discourse did not happen,” Machen said. “That’s fundamental to a university campus. Why it didn’t happen is what we’re trying to sort out.”

Naturally Meyer was charged with “resisting officers with violence and for disturbing the peace,” before being released on Tuesday.

More info: Gainsville Sun

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