The key, the power..

This morning I suffered a chronic ECS*, and was forced to raid the piggy bank and go out keyboard shopping… Couldn’t be arsed to trek somewhere like Tantra, and I’m not sure if Bristol Mac Centre runs an actual real shop these days, so I ended up shuftying round that shithole Dixons (now, apparently, ‘Currys Digital’) and Staples, where the only Mac-compatible keyboards I could find were, erm, Muckrosoft.

Anyhoo, I now am the dubious owner of a ‘Wireless Optical Desktop 2000’ keyboard + mouse combo.

Seems okay, except the keys have a really low profile, and the mouse only has two buttons, so I can’t run app switcher, Dashboard and Exposé off it at the same time. And obviously, the fucking Apple button isn’t an Apple button, and it’s in the wrong fucking place 😡 At least the @ and the ” are located correctly, even if they’re not labelled right… But what’s with the randomly different sized buttons?!

Enough moaning for now. Here’s what she looks like:

New keyboard mugshot

* Extraordinary Coffee Spillage

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2 responses to “The key, the power..

  1. Heh, you look truly anguished in that pic

  2. I have nothing to fear but ph3ar itself 😦

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