‘Iraq mercenaries a bunch of gun-happy cowboys’ says US general

Brigadier-General Joseph Anderson, Chief of Staff, Multinational Corps - Iraq

I saw this at the weekend but didn’t get a chance to blog it: Brigadier General Joseph Anderson, who is the chief of staff at the Multinational Corps in Iraq, has added to the Blackwater-inspired furore over the activities of private military contractors by publicly criticising the behaviour of some such security companies in a videolink briefing to journalists:

I can certainly say I’ve seen them do some tactics that I thought were over the top.

Are they quicker with the trigger? Are they quicker to wave a weapon, brandish a weapon, other tactics, cutting people off? All of us have experienced, have seen different things at different times. I have seen them, in my opinion, over-react but that does not mean it’s consistently the case.

(Reuters, Saturday 29th September)

The question is, will Sheriff Anderson clean up his town and rid Iraq of these dangerous desperadoes?

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13 responses to “‘Iraq mercenaries a bunch of gun-happy cowboys’ says US general

  1. haval hassan ahmed

    Dear sir
    i ask if i could get his office phone or email
    i need to talk with sir GB Joseph Anderson about very important issue i have tried to much to find his communication adress but no way
    i appreciate if you do that to me thanks

  2. haval hassan ahmed

    this is my cell phone number +9647504618001

  3. Have I become some kind of internet dating agency? Well, the general MNC-I email address is the not inconsiderable MNF-IPAOVictoryMainJOC@iraq.centcom.mil – give that a go.

    Have a nice day, Haval 🙂

  4. to Brigadier-General Joseph Anderson, i am major
    thaier the cheif staff to cheif police of mousl, this is my email and i want to get your email .

  5. i want to put my photo here in this site but i couldnt put it , can anyone tell me how i pit it here ? , thx

  6. I knew Joe Anderson as a friend about ten years ago. He talked about his involvement with the Military and his family. We would associate on an on going basis an listen to Rock and Roll. We talked and I got to know him well. He and I had a diagnosis of mental illness. I suspected that his problem was not a illness but a form of enslavement that the Government has covered up. I myself have discovered that the Government has enslaved me and they use the psyciatric game as a cover up. I have discovered and read the knowledge of Neo-Tech Publishing Company and have been deprogramed from this enslavement. Now the Government has investigated me and is using the tyranny of their technology against me. With the advances in satilite and ground technology, it is possible to track a single human on the planet and even kill them. The possibility of me proving this as a fact may not occure. They play God with this technology and use it with extreme malice. I could write a book on this.

    Marc Manspeaker
    Glendale, Arizona USA

  7. I knew Joe Anderson as a friend about ten years ago. He talked about his involvement with the military and his family. My father was a military retired Man. I think that Joe Anderson was a mental case according the the psyciatic field. I myself have and had a diagnosis of mental illness. My thought now is that Joe Anderson was being used by the Government of the United States of American. I think that there is a secret society of cyborge technology that the Government would not like to have exposed to the World. I have been deprogramed by the reading of Neo-Tech Discovery. A number of books published by Neo-Tech Publishing Company. This information writen by Dr. Frank R. Wallace and his writing staff is valuable information. I must warn you it will shock you out of a Nightmare and change the way you think. The fact that I knew Joe Anderson is valid and valuable information. The Government has me under investigation and is using the satilite and ground technology to intrude into my life. They are using this technology with intent of extreme malice. I myself have writen on blogger.com about certain subjects that we on my mind for years. After reading this information from Neo-Tech Pub. Co. , I have come to many different conclusions. The Government at this time is watching me and using technology including mind control and invasiong of the ego and consciousness and the brain. It is valid information and now that we know that it is in the wrong hands – such as the tyranny of the US Government, we need to be aware of the extreme danger of this technology. The fact is, that this technology will be used for Good if in the right hands. Now if we have defectors from the Government, and they are deprogramed, we have the ability to survive this Tyranny of the Government. I would like to continue on with this subject and will.

    Marc Manspeaker
    Glendale, Arizona USA’
    P.S.: please inform as many people as possible about this.

  8. Joe Anderson is a wonderful person and a close family member of mine. Do not make fun of his courage or compassion towards his field of work.

  9. John McEvoy


    If you get this message I like the cowboy hat it does wonders for you – I missed you at the 30th reunion, it would have been nice if you made it, but I know you were busy – drop me a line its been a while – Your friend Mac the Knife

  10. I would like to speak to General Anderson.Please send me his contact details on the following email : taurus_may65@yahoo.com“.

    Thank you.

  11. I would like to speak to General Anderson.Please send me his contact details on the following email : taurus_may65@yahoo.com“.

    It is important.
    Thank you.

  12. The Military needs to start a large separation of their alcoholic and
    drug addicts ( dirt bags)Major General Anderson of Ft Carson condones drug
    and alcohol use is his command, he and his 4id command are the
    definition of dirt bag soldiers.. A soldier is only as strong or weak as
    their command… Ft. Carson deploys troubled soldiers with out a second thought of anything but the paper work it would take to separate soldiers.. So called Leaders like General Anderson and his 4id command breed troubled soldiers with their look the other way policies…

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