“It’s your festival, get involved…”

Just had a comment added to my post about Bristol Music Festival:

The public consultation is still to take place at Trinity Centre, St Phillips, Bristol.

Please check out the new website:


That ‘public consultation evening’ takes place at the Trinity on Trinity Road up top of Old Market Street on Thursday 25th October, from 6pm.

Being an event based upon community values, it is important for us to gauge the opinions and views of Bristol’s public. Media representatives, as well as local businesses, traders, volunteers and general public are all invited to attend the consultation, as the evening is an open invitation for anybody who would like to express their interests or learn more about the festival and its potential. The consultation is an important feature of our efforts to encourage the public to get involved with the festival, either through raising points at the meeting or taking active participation in the events organisation. It’s your festival, get involved. There will also be further news about up and coming fundraising activities, design competitions, and a vote on the festival’s name.

Bristol Music Festival website

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3 responses to ““It’s your festival, get involved…”

  1. bristolfestival

    Just to let you know the event is now called the Bristol Festival. The website linked above is not the official one. Please ignore any information on it and do not buy tickets to fundraising events through it as the festival will not recieve the money!

    The only official website is http://www.thebristolfestival.org

    All fundraising activities are going ahead as planned including BFF (Bristol Festival Fundraiser) Sessions and Unsigned live gig nights every Wednesday at Joe Publics from Oct 17th, the Christmas Gift Fair and Art Auction and the Public Consultation as detailed above.

    Hopefully see you there!
    Many thanks.
    Bristol Festival Community Group

  2. I’m slightly confused now – is this some sort of a split or something? Are you in a roundabout way saying that the wariness displayed on the Bristol Blogger‘s post about the festival (or rather the way things were being approached) is justified? I’m not stirring, just idly curious. I suspect being straight up straight up would be the best foundation, IYSWIM.

    PS Are you Poppy Stephenson or Martin Hiscox?

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