Bristle’s Bootleg Show No.10 – Back From The Rave


It’s been ages since I last did a podcast – a lot has changed since then; two broken hearts, a lot of frankly rather unpleasant soul searching, unhappiness, misery, loneliness, being ignored, fobbed off, feeling left behind, a crisis of self, all the usual really 😉 – but hopefully this doesn’t come across in BBS#10.

It’s just an hourlong ravey bootleg mix, with no talky bits as I have a cold and when I speak my ears ring, and not in a nice way.

Anyway, as ever, all the good bits are due to the artists used, all the crappy bits are down to me and my hamfisting of Audacity…


If you want to find more bootlegs, mashup music, bastard pop or whatever else you choose to call it, check out the links on my Boot.List page 8)

PS Sorry for the maudlin opening, s’just good to get it off your chest sometimes 🙂

Bristle’s BunKRS Sessions (podcast page – stream, subscribe, download)

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6 responses to “Bristle’s Bootleg Show No.10 – Back From The Rave

  1. Nice to see you back in the saddle. Downloading now, look forward to giving it a listen.

  2. This is some good shit man

    Whistle posse 😀

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  4. hey bristle, if you curious about who made the beloved mix, here i am , at that time i was using another name “tcsmash”. Now you can find the mix at
    Thanks for using it!

  5. Cheers dude, that bugged me for ages! Should learn me to check my ID3 tags after downloading stuff 😉

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